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Academic Calendar 15-16
Date Events
June 17, 2015 Reopening of Dept. after Summer vacation (MAET Sem III students)
June 12-16, 2015 Internship viva of MAET Sem IV students
June 25,2015 Beginning of MAET Sem III sessions
June 25,2015 Orientation of Sem III students on the Optional Courses available in the DET and with the CBCS in other departments.
July 1-3, 2015 Centennial year quiz competition
July 27, 2015 A Talk on 'Cyber Security and Hygiene' by Dr. Zia
August 11, 2015 Placement interviews of MAET 2013-15 batch begin
August 12, 2015 Decoding - Make in India and the Digital India’ by Mr. G. S. Dugal
August 14, 2015 UGC sponsored one day seminar on “Digital Empowerment”
August 17, 2015 Orientation of MAET-III Batch
Sept 1-3 Workshop on “Research in eLearning in Higher Education” at Churchgate campus
Sept 14, 2015 Library visit of MAET-III students
October 1, 2015 Fresher’s party
Nov 7-25 Diwali Vacation
Nov 26 Reopening of Dept after Diwali vacation
Dec 1, 2015 Demo of EdMobile: English Learning on chat using the app 'Sling' by Mr. Ninad Vengurlekar
Dec 8, 2015 2 Workshops and 2 Seminars on “Recent Trends in Educational Technology by DET students on Students of M. Ed., Dept of Education, Churchgate campus and students of DET
Dec 10-11 4 Workshops and 3 Seminars on “Recent Trends in Educational Technology by DET students on students of B. Ed. from H. J. College of Education, Gujrat Research Society, Khar
Dec 14-17 NAAC Peer Team Visit
Dec 20-24 Sem I exams
Dec 24-Jan 7 Winter Break
January, 8, 2016 Academic sessions of Sem II and IV begins
January 11-15, 2016 Internship interviews of Sem IV
January 20/21/22 Visit to Sonale Tribal schools and “QUEST’ Teacher Training centre
Feb 1, 2016 Internship begins for Sem IV
Feb 15-18 Expert talks for Sem II students by eLearning experts
March 17/18 Visit to Centre for Educational Technology, MET
April 8-12, Industry Visit of Sem II and IV (Outstation)
April 18 - 22 Internship viva-voce of Sem IV students
April 25-29 Research viva of Sem IV students
May 2-5 Sem II Semester-end Exams
May 16-20 Placement of Sem IV students